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Who We Are

Founded in November 2022, New Foundations Media is a dynamic graphic design company with a foundational love for design, technology, and helping businesses succeed. 

Our mission is to provide exceptional, personalized branding solutions that resonate with your target audience, capture your brand’s essence, and foster business growth. We’re passionate about what we do, and we’re excited to share our expertise with you. Join us on this creative adventure, and together, we'll build a brand that shines!

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Meet Monica,
the creative force behind
New Foundations Media. 

Monica started her journey in health science at Spelman College but soon found her true passion to be in philosophy, with a touch of biochemistry on the side. This interweaving of analytical and explorative spirit shaped her unique design philosophy.

While at college, Monica discovered the worlds of graphic design and media, becoming the sought-after computer science tutor and freelancing maestro. It was here that she learned the power of visual storytelling, enriched by her pre-med insights.

After refining her skills as a digital media specialist, Monica founded New Foundations Media, a sanctuary for transformative and business-centric design. When not crafting design wonders, Monica is either painting, immersed in a film, or enjoying a basketball game, bringing her eclectic passions to create designs that are not just visually compelling but also profoundly resonant.

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