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We embarked on a collaborative journey with a prominent Georgia hiking company, with the shared goal of rejuvenating their online presence. The vision was clear – a refreshed website, enhanced with mockups to promote its launch. Together, we delved deep into their aspirations and built a functional site tailored to their needs. The revamped platform came to life with features such as an interactive map, seamless event registration, and a user-friendly online store, paving the way for an enriched user experience and a broader connection with the outdoor enthusiast community.

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We partnered with a local cold-pressed juice company to enrich their online presence. Our collaboration was fueled by a shared vision to craft a website that reflects their vibrant and wholesome brand ethos. Through a deep understanding of their aspirations, we designed a dynamic and engaging online platform that not only elevated their brand visibility but also positioned them uniquely in the competitive juice market, allowing their business to blossom and reach new clientele. Additional assets included a custom menu and mockups.

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NLH Team Coaching

We joined forces with a leading corporate team coaching company, focusing on expanding their reach through diverse marketing avenues and impactful materials, both online and print. Our journey started with aligning our creative process with their visionary goals, to manifest a powerful brand presence across various platforms. We meticulously crafted captivating Instagram posts, insightful diagrams, compelling PowerPoint presentations, engaging videos, and standout banners among other deliverables. This cohesive approach to brand narration not only elevated their professional presence but also opened avenues for enhanced client engagement and business growth in the corporate coaching landscape.

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Project: Logo creation

We collaborated with the client who envisioned a versatile logo, adaptable across multiple channels and suitable for various applications. Aligning with their creative vision, our team embraced the challenge and focused on designing a logo that embodied modern minimalism. This thoughtful creation not only aligned seamlessly with their brand identity but also offered the flexibility and coherence needed for diverse implementations, enhancing their brand’s visual journey across different mediums.

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